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What is your involvement with the Low Carbon Hub? (required) *

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To what extent do you perceive Low Carbon Hub to be committed to the creation of a low carbon, locally-owned renewable energy system? (required) *

1 thunderbolt = low commitment
2 thunderbolts = quite low commitment
3 thunderbolts = quite high commitment
4 thunderbolts = high commitment

To what extent do you trust Low Carbon Hub's expertise around local, renewable energy and low carbon? (required) *

1 thunderbolt = low trust
2 thunderbolts = quite low trust
3 thunderbolts = quite high trust
4 thunderbolts = highly trust

How likely would you be to encourage others to get involved with Low Carbon Hub? (required) *

Have you mentioned us in the last 12 months? (required) *

Did you mention Low Carbon Hub:

Which Low Carbon Hub services have you used in the past 12 months?

Opportunities to invest in renewable energy

How would you rate the quality of the service you received when investing in renewable energy projects with Low Carbon Hub?

1 thunderbolt = very poor
4 thunderbolts = very good

Developing or managing a community energy installation at your site.

For example, do you receive discounted electricity from

How would you rate the quality of the service you received in developing community energy projects with local energy organisations?

1 thunderbolt = very poor
4 thunderbolts = very good

Contacting us for help or information about community energy

How would you rate the quality of the service you received from the helpdesk?

1 thunderbolt = very poor
4 thunderbolts = very good

Attended a Low Carbon Hub event

How would you rate the quality of the event you attended?

1 thunderbolt = very poor
4 thunderbolts = very good

What improvements to existing services would you like to see? Are there any new services you think we should provide?

To what extent has Low Carbon Hub made a difference to any of the following?

Your knowledge (for example, in terms of community ownership or renewable energy): *

* required question
Your belief in the potential of community-owned solutions to energy issues *

* required question
Taking action yourself on energy or environmental issues. *

* required question
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

Please note that this survey is anonymous. If there is anything you would like to discuss with us,or would like us to reply to, we'd be delighted to hear from you via the contact us page on our website.
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