Plug into the People’s Power Station
The People’s Power Station is an online, live generation platform that allows us to show the contribution that locally-owned renewable energy is making to Oxfordshire.

We want to showcase as much locally owned renewable energy generation on the map as possible and you can help by telling us about your installation. 
You can find all the information you need on your installation's MCS Certificate.

If you have any questions or have multiple installations to tell us about please contact
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What's your first name? *

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{{answer_29241448}}, please tell us the name of the renewable energy project you'd like to add to the People's Power Station.

This is the name that will pop up on the map, for example '5 Acacia Avenue - Solar PV', 'Osney Lock Hydro' or 'Matthew Arnold School'. It would be really helpful if you could choose a name which is unlikely to have been already used, so avoid things like 'My solar PV' - thanks!
What sort of renewable technology type does the installation use?

If your site uses more than one renewable technology I'm afraid you'll have to submit a separate entry for each technology type.

When was the installation commissioned? *

Please tell us the month and year, for example 'September 2015'
What is the installed generation capacity for the installation?

Please give your answer in kW
What is the predicted annual generation for the installation? *

Please give your answer in kWh per year
Who owns the installation? *

This will be displayed in the project summary. If you would rather this information was not displayed please state 'not disclosed'
What ownership type was the installation registered as on the FiTs register? *

installations are classified as Domestic, Commercial or Community. If you don't know or can't remember, select 'unknown'.

What is the MCS Certificate number for your installation?

You can find this information the MCS certificate.
Where is the installation located? *

We use this information to describe the area in which the installation is located.  For example 'Banbury' or 'Rose Hill'. Give the description that you feel best matches the local community in which it is situated.
Please tell us the postcode of this location. *

This helps us place it on a map.
If you'd like us to really accurately place {{answer_29698018}}  on the map, please let us know its lattitude and longitude.

You can find this out at, or just skip this question.


Please tell us your local authority area

Do you have remote metering installed on site? *

In a later phase of the project we hope to be able to plug in more live feed data into the People's Power Station. If you have remote metering installed we can keep you up to date on our progress.
Anything else you'd like to tell us?

Write them down here :)
By submitting this form I am confirming I have the owner's permission to share this information about the installation. *

By submitting this form I am confirming I am happy for information about the installation to be displayed on the People's Power Station along with information about the power it generates, its location and the ownership information submitted. *

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Thank you!

We'll be in touch to let you know when your installation has been plugged into the People's Power Station
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